Friday, 24 June 2016

Why Listing Accuracy is Important - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by George-FreitagWhether you manage a single local listing or hundreds, the consistency of your NAP data across the web can either help grow your business, or serve as a barrier to customer discovery. With answers for business owners, SEOs dabbling in local search, and those at enterprise-level searching for a broad solution, Moz Local's George Freitag stars in this week's Whiteboard Friday covering all the boons and secrets of listing accuracy (give him a warm welcome, folks!). Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab!Video TranscriptionHi. My name is George Freitag with Moz Local, and today I wanted to talk about listing accuracy. The reason why I wanted to talk about it was because it's one of those topics that is brought up a lot in local search. If you work in local search directly or if you work with an agency or an SEO on local search, it's one of those things that you've probably heard a lot about, you understand it's something

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