Saturday, 25 June 2016

How to Use BigQuery for Large-Scale SEO (Or Whenever Excel Fails)

Posted by Dom-Woodman[Estimated read time: 13 minutes] What will this post help you do Work with very large amounts of data. E.g. internal link audits, backlink audits, log file analysis Perform complicated queries on data quickly. Improve how you work on problems by forcing you define exactly what you’re looking for, rather than wandering aimlessly through data. What do we do when the workhorse fails?What do you do when Excel fails? Maybe you have more than a millions row of data. Perhaps you’ve tried to filter a large dataset with a VLOOKUP and Excel has decided to lay down and die. Excel is a fantastic tool, but that doesn't mean it’s what we should use for everything. What should you use? The traditional answer is SQL, but setting up a SQL server if you haven't done it and you're not technical is a challenge. The free interfaces for working with it are typically very visually busy and not intuitive for those looking to get started quickly. Enter BigQuery. What is

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