Friday, 24 June 2016

Are Coworking Offices Eligible for Google My Business Listings?

Posted by MiriamEllis[Estimated read time: 7 minutes] Coworking office spaces have existed for more than a decade around the globe, and I consider it a testament to their growing popularity for start-ups and agencies that I’ve been seeing an increasing number of questions about them in recent times at places like the Moz Q&A forum and elsewhere. The burning question on everybody’s mind is: do coworking locations meet or fall afoul of the official Guidelines for Representing Your Business On Google? This article attempts to provide the most thorough possible answer to this important question. Image courtesy of Manuel Schmalstieg on Flickr Google isn’t always completely transparent in their guidelines, so I went for the next best thing. In researching this topic, I communicated with Google My Business Community forum Top Contributor, Colan Nielsen, and want to thank him for conferring about best practices with me. Virtual vs. coworking offices Let’s sync up with

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