Friday, 24 June 2016

5 useful things you can do with your Android phone and Chrome on your computer (GOOG)

The Mac/iPhone combo is hard to beat when it comes to little features that make a big impact — but Google's own Chrome/Android ecosystem has some pretty great tricks up its sleeves, too. You could even argue that it's better than Apple's Mac/iPhone combo because you can use these features with both Macs or Windows computers and almost any Android phone. Some of these features even work with iPhones! Essentially, all you need to do is activate Google Now on your Android phone, and you need to be logged in to the same Google account on both your Android phone and Chrome on your computer. Check out these five useful features that make the Android/Chrome combo hard to beat. If the features below don't work with those two basic requirements, check out Google's own instructions on how to link your Android phone to Chrome on a computer.SEE ALSO:

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