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Do Leaflet Drops Work In Leeds

Leaflet drops generate millions of pounds each week in the UK

Leaflet distribution is estimated at producing over £12,000,0000 worth of business in the UK each week. That figure was estimated surveying large corporations so the actual figure is probably much higher when you take into account all the small to medium businesses that use leaflet delivery campaigns as part of their marketing. Leaflet drops are working very well for some businesses so why aren't they working for these people?

Leaflet drops require commitment just like other forms of marketing

If you were going to try social media marketing to promote your business would you join Twitter, post a few tweets, then give up and complain social media doesn't work? What if you placed an ad in a small magazine, ran it once and got nothing from it? would you say advertising in magazines doesn't work? No, you would probably keep trying or maybe try other forms of social media and other magazines. My point is, if you have tried distributing a few leaflets yourself or even if you have tried a company that was unprofessional and unreliable, this doesn't mean you should give up on leaflet distribution as a form of marketing - you have other options. Why miss out on a form of marketing that could work very effectively for your business because you either didn't approach it in the correct way or you had a bad experience with an unreliable company?

Successful leaflet drops are all about numbers

A few hundred leaflets aren't going to make an impact. Leaflet distribution is all about numbers. The business owners posting on the blog I came across probably only delivered a few hundred because it was too time-consuming and they didn't organise themselves efficiently. This is where professional leaflet distributors come in. Choose a local company to carry out your leaflet drop, they will know the area well and they will know the most efficient routes to take from street to street. By paying a professional you are also leaving yourself free to get on with running your business.

How to make leaflet drops work for you

Response rates from leaflet drops can vary enormously and there are no guarantees of specific results. The best way to ensure you get the best response from your leaflet drops investment is to first consider your target market. If you run a restaurant or a takeaway you will probably generate a great response from a leaflet drop in your local area, everyone receiving a leaflet is in close proximity to your restaurant and everyone has to eat! Combine this with a professional design, some persuasive copywriting and an offer people can't refuse and you are going to generate a great response. However, if you're selling custom wheel rims you will probably need a slightly different approach to reach your niche market.

Design for success

The design of your leaflet or flyer is also very important. On the doormat, your leaflet will be competing for attention with other leaflets, post, newspapers, and magazines. Ensure your flyer or leaflet captures the attention of the recipient with some eye-catching graphics and clever wording.

The key to your leaflet drop's success

Choose a RELIABLE leaflet distribution company. Don't just work with them because they call themselves reliable, that is easy to do. You could have the best offer in the world on a brilliant leaflet design but if it doesn't reach the homes you want it to, it won't generate any response. Opt for a local company rather than a national company, they will know the area better. National companies also have a tendency to outsource their distribution to smaller companies. The best way to check reliability and professionalism is to ask for testimonials and contact the company's previous/existing customers. CHECK, CHECK, and CHECK again!
The final thing to consider is to be consistent with your leaflet drops. Leaflet drops can and do generate immediate enquiries but a large part of leaflet distribution is building brand awareness. If people receive your leaflet through their door every month or two you will become memorable. They will think of you first when they want what you are selling and they may also recommend you to friends and family having seen your leaflet often.
If you have tried distributing a few leaflets yourself in the past and it hasn't worked for you, change your approach and try it again. Make sure you find the right leaflet distribution company to work with and test new approaches before you dismiss something completely. I have had leaflets distributed for me, delivered my own leaflets and constantly distribute leaflets for my clients. I have generated a lot of revenue from leaflets and so do my clients. Feel free to contact me to find out how you can get the most from your leaflet distribution campaign, I am always happy to offer.

For a leaflet company, you can trust we recommend the Leaflet Company in Leeds we have used them on a number of occasions and we are strong believers in giving praise where its deserved.

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